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Welcome to our new retail range of Herbal preparations for Animals now readily available at specialised outlets Australia wide. Designed specifically for the busy dog and horse owner, our new range of Animal Botanical herbal formulas make herbal medicine easily accessible.

Animal Botanical Wellness Revolution!!

When I think about how I would wish our world to be like, I simply stay still and feel nature. I visualise open fields and neighbouring bush-land with small farm plots and abundant produce. I can smell clean fresh air, rain and the richness of a black soil. I see happy people- young and old alike, enjoying the sunshine or warming themselves by an open fire should the weather turn cold. I see leaves falling red and gold in the change of seasons.

I also see animals- all kinds- and rugged old dogs that still enjoy playing with their family as they abound in good health just like their aged owner who is riding her horse of 27 years- still enjoying their connection to each other and the environment.

They don’t show signs of debilitating arthritis, nor are they constrained by any other age related illness.

They are simply healthy and happy, living in the moment.

Using herbs effectively takes years of applied practical knowledge. The herbal formulas that I have chosen to be part of the Animal Botanical range have repeated reliable outcomes over a 20 year period of practical application. 

I hope that you will join me to help achieve the natural health vision for all- one by one we can all achieve a wellness outcome and  become part of the Animal Botanical Wellness Revolution!!

Catherine Cox (McDowell) -Herbalist and Co-founder