Animal Botanical™ - Pure Herbal Extracts

The Formualtions

Animal Botanical™ uses combinations of 1:1 or 1:2 extracts of whole herbs that have been used in Western Herbal Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.

Our range has been professionally formulated by Catherine Cox (Medical Herbalist), of McDowell’s Herbal treatments. Catherine has been successfully supporting our canine companions and equine partners with herbal preparations for over 15 years using the Dorothy Hall system of Western Herbal Medicine.

Animal Botanical™ formulations reflect Catherine’s long standing experience as a full-time qualified Classical Herbalist (Australian Traditional Medicine Society number 27282) treating both human, equines and canines. 

The Herbs

The herbs we use are extracted in Australia to the highest standard under strict quality control to ensure that the herb extracted is the correct species, and that extraction is of the highest quality.


The herbs are extracted into a mix of purified natural spring water and ethanol- these two liquids representing the pure and natural solvent that enables the highest nutritional value of the herb to be extracted.  Without the Ethanol, many valuable soluble nutrients and oils would be missed in the process. The small % of Ethanol also acts as the preserving agent, giving Animal Botanical’s extracts and formulations a long shelf life.

The liquid product is therefore pure, with no added chemical or artificial fillers and is easily and readily absorbed into the animals system.


Animal Botanical’s™ herbal extracts are extremely safe. The dosages represent the smallest quantity required to achieve a positive result. The dosage can be increased incrementally if desired.